Skeloton-Storm Kits

Wild Dog Outdoor Skeloton dual rate progressive spring takes springs
designs to the next level. These springs essentially provide the
performance of two different spring rates and optimized in a single
spring. The dual rate progressive spring combines a relatively low initial
spring rate and then moves to a higher spring rate.
Wild dog Outdoor has taken this unique design and implemented into a
wind / storm strap for the camping and outdoor lifestyle.

Our new Skeloton-peg is a different pegs design,
but not unique.

The Skeloton-peg is superior to similar wire pegs. A clever head
design and bevel point allows for better penetration of extremely hard
ground. The head design has been designed to key into the ground to
prevent rotation. The bevel point has been designed to easily penetrate
hard ground or through some tough objects. These Skeloton-pegs are
made with Hi-Tensile steel and have gone through a passivation process.
These Skeloton-pegs are 8mm x 350mm

Using a 25mm x 3m webbing as the guy rope. The webbing has been
permanently sewed onto the dual rate progressive spring, so no losing
of any components. The webbing is 3m in total length and can be
adjusted by means of a cam-buckle located 600mm from the DRP-spring.

Skeloton-Storm Kits